We have a long-standing passion for traditional handmade sausages,
meatballs and small goods, going back several generations and using only
the highest quality ingredients.

We noticed that the supermarket shelves were missing quality gourmet sausages
and burgers and could only be found in boutique butcher shops.

In 2012 we formed The Gourmet Sausage Company, an Australian family business, to supply high quality
artisan gourmet sausages and burgers to be readily available to all consumers so they can experience our great tasting products.

Our sausages and burgers are carefully made in small batches, that way we can ensure maximum flavour,
quality and perfection.

We grind our meat coarse and is all 100% Australian premium beef, pork and chicken to ensure the best and tastiest results. All our sausages and burgers have no artificial flavours or colours along with no nasty fillers.


We do not take shortcuts, and no expense is spared in the procurement of our ingredients. Our priority when making every sausage and burger is to create a fresh, healthy and quality product to ensure customer satisfaction.

All our products are made in a HACCP certified food safe environment, with stringent quality control procedures to ensure every sausage in every batch is consistent and correctly packed for maximum freshness.